Sing and playLessons

Each week in the lesson your child can expect to cover areas such as:

  • Musical creativity
  • Stylistic appreciation
  • Performance ability
  • Technical development
  • General musical knowledge
  • Development planning

Practise Strategy

We believe learning the piano should be a fun and rewarding experience, providing an unique opportunity to develop important life skills such as discipline and reward for hard work. We encourage our students to develop a consistent practise strategy by practising every day. Students who embrace this practise strategy flourish musically and personally, and advance rapidly.

We also understand that some students, particularly younger children, need assistance to practise every day. When appropriate, we encourage you as the parent to sit and partner with your child as they practise, ensuring a fulfilling practise time and efficient musical development.

Is your child a morning or a night person? We ask you to carefully consider the time of day your child practises. Every child has their optimum time. Your teacher will guide you how best to arrange your practise schedule and the length of time you need to practise daily.